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The Allied Health Interest Group was established to provide support to Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Social Workers, Dieticians, and Speech Pathologists working within HITH services. The quarterly meetings are open to all Allied Health working in HITH services and are a member of the HITH Society.

The HITH Society is a united peak body representing doctors, nurses, allied health, and other health care workers in Australia, Asia & the Pacific who provide Hospital in the Home (HITH) care. The Society provides education, promotes networking and through its Executive Council, represents its members by providing expert commentary and lobbying Governments at a local and Federal level on HITH issues.

The Allied health interest group offers a valuable source of support and education to a group of health professionals which at times work in isolation from discipline departments and are the forerunners in the rapidly growing clinical area of HITH/CAPAC services. 

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A letter to all Allied Health working in Hospital in the Home Services.

It is with great sadness that I would like to inform you of my resignation as chairperson from the HITH Society Allied Health Interest Group.

Historically, back in 2000, the HITH Society Allied Health Interest Group was born from the need for Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapist being employed in newly established Post-Acute/ Rapid Response services across Sydney to establish a forum to promote AH in Post-Acute, plan for best practice, and provide support for AH working in professionally isolated clinical environments. We were then known as the NSW Allied Health Post-Acute Care Network.

Over time, to meet the demands of a pressured health system and to grow with national standards these services evolved into HITH dedicated models of care, with Allied Health continuing to be an integral part of this service delivery. It was a natural progression that the newly established HITH Society of Australasia adopt our fledgling group and take us under their wing as the HITH Society Allied Health Interest Group.

It has been my honour to Chair this group over the last 10 plus years, to represent AH on the HITH Society executive, and to assist drive AH content at the Annual HITH Conferences.  But a change of guard is required as it is time for me to step down from this position. At this time there have been no new nominations for a replacement chairperson and as such the group has recently stopped meeting.

However, the HITH Society, are as always, very supportive of AH working in HITH services and would support the reestablishment of this interest group in whatever new form it may take. It is important to continue an AH presence within the HITH Society and indeed the annual conferences.  

I would encourage anyone working in AH in HITH services from anywhere in Australasia to consider nominating themselves to take up the rewarding role of re-establishing this group and become the reinvigorated chair and additionally would invite all AH to support this role by attending and participating in a new AHIG when it becomes active again. Interest will be accepted by contacting the HITH Society or indeed myself, as I will continue to offer ongoing support and all information regarding the progress of the new group will be posted on the HITH Society web page.


Amanda Trist
Outgoing chair, HITH Society AHIG.

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    This Interest Group is not currently active and the HITH Society is seeking new and enthusiastic members to drive it's interests. Please contact if you are interested in helping reactivate this group.

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