Executive Council 2017 - 2018

President: Barbara Farrelly
Vice President: Mary O'Reilly            Safety and Quality
Secretary: Lisa Bartholomeaus
Treasurer: Sue Henning
Conference Chair: James Pollard

Louise Barclay: General Councillor

Allison Brown: General Councillor

Ian Campbell: General Councillor

Naomi Clark: General Councillor

Angela Ellis: General Councillor

Narelle Hawkins: Membership Portfolio

Jillian Hennessey: General Councillor

Daryl Kroschel: Research Interest Group

Nicholas Marlow: Marketing

Carol Limber: New Zealand

James Pollard: Website Administrator

Jamie McDonald: General Councillor

Michael Montalto: General Councillor

Dee Loader: General Councillor

Helen Stubs: General Councillor

Annual General Meeting

The last HITH Society AGM was held on 4 November 2016 at the conclusion of day 1 of the 9th Annual Scientific Conference.



2014-2015 Financial Report

2009 Annual Report

Strategic Plan

HITH Strategic Plan 2013 2015


HITH Society Constitution

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