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The HITH Society Journal supports clinicians, administrators, policy makers and the consumer to be better informed about the latest and/or interesting HITH related research. The HITH Society would like to thank Dr Anne-marie Boxall was the editor for over 3 years, Dr. Venta Terauds who was the editor for the past 16 months and we welcome Dr. Fiona Stennard.

After completing a PhD in molecular biology, Dr Fiona Stennard gained ten years biomedical research experience at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom, and the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute in Sydney. She is now based in Hobart, Tasmania where she combines freelance editing and writing with part time university teaching of science, pharmacy and medical undergraduates.

The HITH Society Journal is entering its 6th year and is produced quarterly. If you have any articles of note or interest please send them to the HITH Society for comment.

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Past Presentations from HITH Conferences

All presentations approved for publications by the presenters are available for members. If logged in, members can access these via the "conferences" tab at the top of the home page or click here.

HITH Query Line

The NHIG was given the task of setting up an email discussion group or HITH Query line, on HITH related issues as a resource for all members of the society. This email discussion list allows all clinicians (doctors, nurses and allied health) and managers to post questions, or request solutions to problems that other HITH clinicians may be able to resolve. The query line went ‘live’ in September 2008. It has now been superseded by our forum. Click here to go to the forum. Membership is required to access the forum where you can post articles, ask questions and engage with other members.


Members of the HITH Society Australasia Executive have provided submissions to the following inquiries:


Some HITH-related publications written by members of the HITH Society:

HITH-related presentations

The HITH Society is happy to upload member’s presentations on HITH-related issues to provide a broader audience and enable sharing with colleagues. Send presentations to

Some recent examples include:

§  Loewenthal M, Dobson P, and the Out & About Team. Treating endocarditis & other serious infections @ home: Children & adolescents

§  Cairns KA, Dobson PM & Loewenthal MR. 13 years experience managing serious infections with 24 hour infusor devices

§  Dobson P, Loewenthal M & the IVI Team. PICCs in hospital compared to home

§  Mitchell S, Fallon E, Loewenthal M & Dobson P. What are the factors that impact on line survival

Disclaimer: Presentations are purely hosted for educational purposes and do not necessarily represent the views of the Society or the Executive Council.

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